TYPE : Documentary
DURATION : 52 minutes
SYNOPSIS : During one year, from June 1992 to June 1993, the United Nations led in Cambodia its largest and most costly mission. The purpose: to establish the first democratic elections in a country whose history has been marked by the ravages of the wars.

For a full year, from the arrival of the first UN contingent until the June 1993 election, a writer-director filmed educational programs to persuade the Cambodians of the mission's soundness and introduce them to democracy. Ten years after, nothing seems to have changed in Cambodia and the UN has given up all hope of bringing together an International court to have the Khmers Rouge judged. And What if we had it to do all over again?

So he takes his tapes and decides to seek out those who were there with him. His goal: to try to understand what went wrong and find out if their idea of democracy really can serve as the foundation for sustainable development.

In the Meanders of the Mekong : An intriguing 52-minute documentary film!

In the Meanders of the Mekong

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